At Sipem S.A., our top priority is to obtain and to provide products that satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers.

Management aims to demonstrate commitment and responsibility in determining the order in which people, actions and means are most effectively combined to achieve the final objectives.

Sipem S.A. assigns the human resources and technical means necessary to guarantee the quality of its products, through the appropriate measures in terms of materials, methods and means of manufacture and verification.

Sipem S.A. is constantly looking for the maximum use of its resources, optimizing performance and production to lower costs, our goal being quality, precision and profitable short delivery times.

Sipem S.A. propone y lleva a cabo, las acciones internas necesarias, en función del proyecto y su magnitud, los sistemas mas eficaces y estimula una mejora continua.

In our manufacturing process we keep the order in mind at all times and also maintain the traceability of the finished product to our supplier. Sipem S.A. works under a quality system based on internal review and final inspection.

There is an internal and external calibration plan that ensures that all our equipment is correctly calibrated and in compliance with our acceptance-rejection criteria.

In Sipem S.A. we have developed the quality system according to the contractual norm UNE-EN-ISO9001.


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