Frequently asked questions

1Can I order an individual part?
Of course, we are used to receiving this kind of order for sampling, exhibitions, spare parts, prototypes ...
2Can I make and/or complete a part by drafting a technical drawing?
At Sipem S.A. we support our customers at a technical level, and we can even propose solutions and improvements thanks to the extensive experience in different sectors and markets our team.
3We are an engineering company and we need you to send our order urgently to the final customer so as not to stop their production chain. Would that be possible?
We not only process the shipment for you, we keep you informed both as to the production process and during the delivery phase.

We go through customs clearance and make deliveries on time and correctly. We can also personalize shipments with your label...
4Do you certify the origin of your plastics for sectors such as food and others?
At Sipem we provide certification of conformity and traceability on request and on demand.
5Can you advise me in the production of material for certain parts?
Yes, we will advise you on the type of process depending on the part (Machining, Semi-Processed) and of course on the behaviour of the different material options according to their application, temperature...
6How satisfied are your customers?
At Sipem we have a high degree of satisfaction according to our quality control and periodic customer surveys.
7How often do your clients recommend you?
We are proud to say that we have a large number of new customers recommended by our wide portfolio of clients and suppliers.

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